Why I collect.

Hi. My name is Myla and I am a Tolkien collector.

There have been times when people will see my love for collecting Tolkien items as weird or a waste of money. I get the curiosity (not the harshness), why do I need multiple copies of the same book? It’s not like the story inside is any different. Most of the time people don’t get too nasty with their opinions but there’s always those who will voice their thoughts in a mean and unnecessary way. Collecting doesn’t make me any less of a fan and it doesn’t make me any more of a fan. I’m a collector and that means I collect. It’s pretty simple.

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More BOTFA Thoughts

I don’t know if this even needs saying but BOTFA SPOILERS AHEAD!

Last month I published a post of my very first thoughts for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies which you can read here. Last week I saw BOTFA for the fourth time and now I feel like I should do an updated post on what I thought about the film, so here goes.

I still love it. It’s strange though because whenever I discuss the film all I do is complain and make fun of it. I’m still trying to figure out how I loved it so much when I have more negative things to say than positive. I will try to arrange my thoughts in order of how they appear on screen but I’ll probably lose track fairly quickly. Let’s begin. Continue reading

Seeing Asians in Lake-town

I wrote a little bit about this last night on my Tumblr, but I decided to write more about it here because it’s something I think about a lot.

I can’t really describe exactly how I felt when I saw POC, specifically Asians, in Lake-town for the first time. While I did feel many positive emotions, I quickly felt a little disappointed because none of them had lines. Well, none of them had their own individual lines. They were pretty much background characters and I would have LOVED to hear them speak. But let me talk about the positive emotions I experienced.

I was not prepared to see this much diversity in DOS, which is kind of sad when you think about it. I was caught off guard but it made me smile because WOW someone who looks like me actually lives in Middle-earth. It made me think, “I could live in Middle-earth!” But to be clear, I’m not saying that if there weren’t Asians in the film I wouldn’t constantly imagine what my life would be like in the Shire because if you know me you know how much I would want to be a hobbit. It’s so important to properly represent as many people as possible in film. There’s absolutely no denying that POC representation is no where near as big as White representation, it’s something that is slowly improving. Did I mention slowly? And if a subject was initially from a POC story, perspective, legend etc., the film world has a habit of casting a White person instead. It’s happened way too many times lately.

Seeing Asians on screen in a world I love so much was so incredibly meaningful to me. And in BOTFA, there were a few seconds where an Asian woman had a close up AND I FELT SO HAPPY. There’s different types of people in Lake-town so where the hell are they in the other parts of Middle-earth? Aren’t hobbits described as having light to brown skin? Where are the brown hobbits? *cough* Sam *cough* At least in LOTRO there’s options to make your characters have different skin colors.

You can give me long essays on which countries and populations influenced certain locations in Middle-earth, but you know what? There should have been MANY more types of people in both the LOTR and Hobbit trilogies in my opinion. It’s a weird subject because Eru knows I love both casts but if there’ll ever be remakes, I would want a very different approach at casting. I want people of different ethnicities to be involved, I want to see different skin tones, I want to see different facial structures, I want diversity and representation. The world Tolkien created is adored all around the world, all types of people share the same love you feel. Because Middle-earth has become so global, the Hobbit trilogy should have taken advantage of that and cast more people who are not White. To see these films where you aren’t able to find anyone who looks anything like you is disappointing.

I’ve seen fanart from people who draw Middle-earth characters as POC, and last year was the start of the Middle-earth POC challange and I can’t wait for this year’s! Like it says in this post from AskMiddlearth: “the power is in your hands now.”

Representation is so important.

The Battle the Five Armies Book Covers – Thoughts

All of the covers for the Battle of the Five Armies movie have been revealed and I’m feeling pretty psyched for them. I don’t plan on buying all of them, I mostly just want the chronicles book. Information and photos on the art and design? Yes please! I gotta say though, out of all of the Hobbit movies, I am digging the covers for BOTFA the most. Let’s go through them one by one. Photos courtesy of the HarperCollins design Tumblr.

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Avatar Fans All Grown Up

**This article contains spoilers for The Legend of Korra

I became a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender when I was 12 years old, (the same age as Aang!) so I was pretty young. I think ATLA is one of the greatest animated shows ever, definitely one of the best things to happen to Nickelodeon. In my opinion, it is a very kid friendly show even with all the violence and drama involved. You have Zuko whose face was burned by his own father. There’s Katara and Sokka’s mother who was murdered by a Fire Nation soldier, and then Aang. His home, all the people he cared for, were murdered by the Fire Nation. An entire nation was destroyed. All of these horrible events happened, but it isn’t shown on screen. Now with Legend of Korra, it’s a little different. Many of the viewers for Korra are around my age because we were there when ATLA was on air, so the demographic for Korra is different. It is still on Nick and many kids do watch the show, but many adults watch it as well.

Aang and Korra

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Thoughts on ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ Extended Edition Figurine

I just saw what the special figure for DOS will be and I am feeling very underwhelmed to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, the craftsmanship is beautiful, just what you expect from Weta, but the subject matter? I’m not really feeling it. I was one of the people who enjoyed the barrel scene, it was so ridiculous and funny that I couldn’t not like it. Bombur taking out orcs while stuck in a barrel and Legolas playing hopscotch on dwarf heads? Too good to scoff at. Even though I liked the scene, I don’t consider it that big of a moment to make it the special addition to the DOS EE. I was hoping for something Mirkwood related or you know, Smaug. Smaug would have been awesome. Hell, something Bard related would be cool too!

I like to look at the barrel scene as the “video game moment” for DOS. In AUJ it was the escape from Goblin Town. It looked like a video game, I’m just saying. I wonder what it will be for BOTFA.

I’m getting off topic. Right, the figurine. It’s very nice, but not something I would have expected to be with the sepcial DOS EE set.

The Legend of Korra: Book 3 TRAILER

On my commute home a couple days ago I got a text from a friend in all caps that read “THE NEW KORRA TRAILER.” I was on a train around people so I had to somehow try to bury my excitement until I got home. My friend was texting me screenshots from the trailer and soon after I caved and watched it on my phone, bracing myself to not yell or dance around over what I would see. In only just about two minutes, so much happened.

Okay, one of the first things you see is some absolutely beautiful scenery. This place is so… shiny.

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition Scenes

The extended scenes from the first Hobbit movie have been going around on Tumblr this past week.
Caps I use are from here.

One of the scenes is from the Shire. Apparently it’s from a celebration and this is young Bilbo with Belladonna and Gandalf is there setting off his fireworks.
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