Tolkien Collection Haul: April-June 2016

I almost forgot to do this post! For some reason I thought April-July was three months, can’t tell you why I had that brain fart. The past few months have been very good to my collection, especially the book portion of it! Like I said in an earlier haul post, one day I’ll figure out how to nicely display everything but today is still not that day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Since there’s so many books to talk about, I’ll go through all the non-book items first.

  • The Four Farthings Coins – I purchased/received these coins from Shire Post Mint at the end of March (so technically this belongs in my last haul but I forgot). They were having a 25% off sale so I figured that was my chance to finally own something from them. Obviously I had to get hobbity coins! They have a few sets to choose from and I ended up buying the #3 Hobbit Set which has coins representing each Farthing in the Shire. It’s not surprising that the coins are beautiful but the packaging tho. If you click on the photo you can see that the envelope is covered in stamps, it’s such a great touch!!
  • Graduation cap – I had my college graduation ceremony in early June (*Frodo voice* IT’S DONE) and I drew this quote on a piece of paper and attached it to my cap. I don’t think many people recognized it, oh well.

  • Bag End Necklace – I received this goooorrrrgeeeooouusss Bag End necklace from Valdis for my birthday! I’m so in love with it!!! I’ve always wanted to own something from Badali and this was at the top of my wishlist. 😀 My goal is to one day buy their Arkentone replica. They have such great stuff.
  • Hildebrandt 2004 Calendar – The next two items were given to me by Lily! First up is “The Tolkien Art of The Brothers Hildebrandt 2004 Calendar”. It doesn’t matter how many times I look at their art, I’d gladly stare at it for hours.
  • Balrog bookmark – Who else remembers seeing these bookmarks in stores back in the LOTR movie days?

  • LOTR Chess set – Lily sent this to me for my birthday and LOOK AT HOW EPIC THESE CHESS PIECES ARE! I’m including multiple photos of them because it’s too amazing for just one.

Okay, time for the books.

  • Pictures by J.R.R. Tolkien (ISBN 0-395-28523-2) – This is the item I spent the most money on since April but I still paid less than what most people are selling it for online. Most seem to be $50+! I bought it at Strand, my home away from home. I’d never seen it before so I was really happy when I found it. Its layout is simple, each page features one of Tolkien’s illustrations and the adjacent page has a little description about it.
  • The Fantasy Art Techniques of Tim Hildebrandt (ISBN 1-85028-161-0) – I probably shouldn’t include this since I keep it in my non-Tolkien bookcase, but it does feature some of Tim’s Middle-earth-related artwork. Bought it from my local used bookstore.

  • The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings (ISBN 978-0-374-15409-7) – Purchased this from last month, it cost $5.99 when I bought it but now it’s $7.99, still much cheaper than the list price of $35! I’ve only skimmed it, I’m aiming to read it some time in the fall/winter.
  • The Hobbit (ISBN 0-395-07122-4) – My dad bought this for me a couple days ago for just $1.50 (wth). You can find this edition for cheap online if you’re interested.
  • LOTR (ISBN 0-618-26025-0) – Another Strand purchase. Give me all the Tolkien books with movie covers.
  • Unfinished Tales (ISBN 0-395-229917-9) – Purchased this at my local used bookstore. If you look at my Instagram post, you can clearly see it’s in muuuuch better condition than the one I already had.

Tolkien Collection Haul: Apr-Jun 2016

My mom and I traveled to the Baltic states (and Finland for one day) in April, and I got some Tolkien books! Figured this was the only time I’d be able to get Estonian/Finnish/Lithuanian/Latvian Tolkien books.

  • Kääbik/The Hobbit – I can’t find an ISBN but you can learn more about this edition here and here. Isn’t it prettyyyyyy?? Bought it from a used bookstore in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Taru Sormusten Herrasta/LOTR (ISBN 978-951-0-33337-2) – Bought this Finnish edition of LOTR from this massive bookstore in Helsinki, Finland called “Akateeminen Kirjakauppa” (Academic Bookstore). This book is HUGE, well it’s LOTR so it’s inevitable.
  • Žiedų Valdovas: Žiedo Brolija/FOTR (ISBN 978-609-01-1021-8) – Bought this edition of FOTR from a bookshop in Vilnius, Lithuania. I would have gotten TTT and ROTK too but you know, things cost money.
  • Hobits/The Hobbit (ISBN 978-9934-0-1930-2) – A family friend actually gave this to me as a belated birthday gift! We went to a discount bookshop in Riga, Latvia, this was the only Tolkien book they had. I’m not complaining at all though because it’s a beautiful illustrated edition (artwork by Laima Eglite).

Tolkien Collection Haul: Apr-Jun 2016

  • Middle-earth Landscapes (ISBN 978-0-00-811614-9) – Got this from Amazon and I will gladly buy anything about pretty New Zealand landscapes!  I’ve only read about 50 pages so far but it’s great. 👌
  • The Return of the King Jigsaw Book – This was another item I got at the end of March and just forgot to put in my last haul post. Found it at a Goodwill for just $2!
  • LOTR Trilogy Photo Guide (ISBN 0-00-719894-9) – Bought this from (a very dangerous and tempting website) for just a few bucks! It was one of the last film tie-in books I was missing.
  • The Two Towers Creatures (ISBN 0-618-25811-6) – This was another AbeBooks purchase. You can find this and the photo guide for super cheap online.

Tolkien Collection Haul: Apr-Jun 2016

  • The Hobbit (ISBN 978-0-00-748851-3) – This is probably the most unessessary edition of The Hobbt but I needed it because I’m me. This was another Abebooks purchase, got it for less than $10 so I’m happy. I half expected there to be another edition split into three once it was annouced that The Hobbit films were going to be a trilogy.
  • The Hobbit (ISBN 3-88389-03-2) – My dad found this for me at a free book exchange, I had never seen it before. You can read more about it here.
  • FOTR (ISBN) – Bought this yesterday! I already own TTT from this unauthorized Ace Books set, now all I need is ROTK! It’ll proably be a while before I complete this set because these editions are not cheap and I’m a cheap person who refuses to pay more than $10 ($10 is even pushing it).

Tolkien Collection Haul: Apr-Jun 2016

~*~*~Obligatory self shout out~*~*~

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2 thoughts on “Tolkien Collection Haul: April-June 2016

  1. Alice July 2, 2016 / 4:52 am

    Such a great haul!! That necklace… *heart eyes*

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