Quick DOS Thoughts

Jumbled thoughts ahead, just a warning!


  • Balin continues to be perfect
  • Tauriel. Wow. I really really love Tauriel.
  • POC in Lake-town!!
  • PUGS
  • That’s it I love Bard. It’s done.
  • Still don’t like Beorn’s design
  • Liked everything else
  • The Legolas moves are out of control
  • The barrel scene was ridiculous
  • But I still enjoyed most of it
  • I don’t fully know how I feel about Kili/Tauriel yet, don’t look at me
  • The glowing never happened okay, do not speak of it
  • Also…the walnut pillow
  • Smaug’s gold bath. lol
  • Yoooo I really like Alfrid
  • Loved the music for Lake-town
  • Kingsfoil…THAT’S A WEED!
  • I couldn’t keep up with what the dwarves were doing in Erebor
  • Did I mention I love Tauriel
  • Thranduil was great
  • The blue contacts were creeping me out
  • I want more Beorn
  • I liked Mirkwood
  • Ahhhawwwhahwhahhh Legolas asking about the portraits of Gloin’s wife and son.
  • Legolas that’s gonna be your best friend
  • What was with the fading footage of Thranduil’s hands, crown and face? I felt like I was watching a perfume commericial
  • Bombur needs to train me to run marathons
  • That whole bit of Sauron blending into the eye for what seemed like years?? I didn’t like it
  • I like the Girion story a lot
  • Kili saying how his mom wants him to come home safe and when Thorin told Fili he’d be king one day hahahahahaahaaha -crying-
Um. That’s all what comes to mind right now. I’ll be seeing DOS again next week so hopefully I’ll be able to talk more in detail about the film.

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