The Battle the Five Armies Book Covers – Thoughts

All of the covers for the Battle of the Five Armies movie have been revealed and I’m feeling pretty psyched for them. I don’t plan on buying all of them, I mostly just want the chronicles book. Information and photos on the art and design? Yes please! I gotta say though, out of all of the Hobbit movies, I am digging the covers for BOTFA the most. Let’s go through them one by one. Photos courtesy of the HarperCollins design Tumblr.


The Visual Companion

I saw this cover a week or so ago because it was leaked, and I liked it straight away. Mostly I think it’s because of Thorin’s kick-ass armor, I mean look at that! It’s beautiful! I’m feeling pretty meh about Azog, but I usually feel meh when I see him. I would have liked to see Bard but I guess they needed to stick in a baddie. I could do without the menacing floating Sauron eye but that’s just me.

The Official Movie Guide

I love love loooooove that helmet, I want one of my own to wear. Honestly these films did such a great job with the armor and weapons, I could look at them all day. I had to do a double take at the bottom section because I thought it was from The Lord of the Rings, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The classic silhouette image that’s been featured on countless posters, t-shirts, books and so on. Azog is on the right, with a few orcs and let’s see if I can name all of the people on the opposite side. Okay from left to right: Nori, Bombur, Bofur, Bifur(?), Dwalin, Balin, Bilbo, and ummm….Fili? Kili? I don’t know. I’ve failed.


The Official Movie Guide, Signed Limited Edition

DEM WEAPONS. I’d get this one just for the cover, I won’t lie. Those swords and daggers are absolutely beautiful, yes even the evil ones. 😉 Love this cover a lot.

The Hobbit Paperback

YAY FOR SOME BILBO APPRECIATION! Even though Bilbo isn’t really shown as the main character on most Hobbit movie items, it’s wonderful to see him getting some love on the actual book covers. This image was revealed a couple weeks back or so and I like it a lot. You even get to see the mithril shirt!


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