Tolkien Artist Fridays: r-navy

It’s time for another Tolkien Artist Fridays post! This week I have the pleasure of talking about and showcasing r-navy‘s brilliant artwork (with permission). I just have to take a moment to YELL ABOUT HER ARTWORK BECAUSE IT’S SOOOOO GOOD. Okay, now that that’s out of my system let’s get started.

When this photoset graced my dash I couldn’t tear my eyes away, I was so drawn in by the colors and details. Please click on the image so you can see the full “Prophecy” post, you’re going to want to see it believe me.

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Tolkien Artist Fridays: lanimalu

Happy Friday everyone! And welcome to Tolkien Artist Fridays once again, the artist of the week is lanimalu. I discovered her Tumblr about a year ago and it was through this post which nearly destroyed my heart. 😥 It shows Balin looking over Fili and Kili as young kiddies and…as grown brave dwarves. You can see the rest of the post here. Warning: if you haven’t read The Hobbit, beware of spoilers.

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Tolkien Artist Fridays: Angela Rizza

I’m actually getting my Tolkien Artist Fridays post up kind of early this week! This week I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite artists, Angela Rizza, you can visit her official website here. Her style is very recognizable, she has a real talent for lines and making it flow within each piece of work, and the colors she uses! They’re vibrant and make the subject matter really “pop.” You can read more about Angela in this interview I did with her for Middle-earth News.

This illustration of Bilbo is one of my FAVORITES. There’s something so fantastical about it, like I can feel the wind blowing through the grass and flowers.

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Tolkien Artist Fridays: Matthew Stewart

It’s Friday which means it’s time for another Tolkien Artist Fridays post, and today I’ll be talking about Matthew Stewart. I don’t remember exactly how I came across his work, but I do remember feeling incredibly impressed. It put a huge smile on my face when I found out that he got hooked on fantasy after reading The Hobbit. He has done a lot of work in the fantasy world, you can see all of it here.

Below is an oil painting depicting Boromir from The Fellowship of the Ring. Just look at all of those details in everyone’s clothes, all the branches, all of the different faces!! Great, great work.

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Tolkien Artist Fridays: s-u-w-i

WHOA, I did not realize it was Friday. Okay I did because Fridays mean new episodes of The Legend of Korra bUT I forgot about Tolkien Artist Fridays. It’s a little after 10 pm, it’s okay I can do this. Just in time… MOVING ON. Welcome to another week of Tolkien Artist Fridays, this week I want to talk about s-u-w-i‘s work. Her style is really cute and honestly her work is so fun to look at. I wish I could own a copy of The Hobbit that was illustrated by her.

This was the first drawing I saw by her and I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw Bilbo, look at those rosy cheeks!

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Tolkien Artist Fridays: lauren-draws-things

Welcome to week four of Tolkien Artist Fridays! Who else is surprised I have actually been keeping up to date with this? Okay so this week I wanted to talk about Lauren, lauren-draws-things on Tumblr, and her absolutely perfect and hilarious Tolkien drawings and comics. If you ever need to smile or get a laugh in your day you should go through her “I’m sorry Mr. Tolkien” tag. I’ve seen all of the posts but I still go back because they’re just that good. Some of the drawings have swearing, just a warning if that’s not your thing. And don’t forget to read the captions under the post, because they’re always just as funny as the artwork.

Here’s one of my favorites. I still laugh so much when I see it.

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Tolkien Artist Fridays: Liga-marta.

Whoa, I almost forgot that it was Friday, that was close! Anyway, this is now week three of my series “Tolkien Artist Fridays.” For today I chose Līga Kļaviņa (liga-marta), I have admired her artwork for a few years now. She has artwork about a variety of subjects, but of course the ones that interest me the most center around Tolkien. The colors Līga uses aren’t very bright, I would say they’re subtle, and her use of watercolor and ink is an inspiration for me because I love working with ink.

This work on Eowyn I really like, especially all of those tiny folds and details in her dress.

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Tolkien Artist Fridays: Gerwell

Since I’m currently in summer vacation I thought I should do some more blogging and one of the ideas I had was so showcase a different artist every week until my fall semester begins. I make no promise that I will not miss a week or two (or three or five) but I’ll try my best to keep up with it! I thought that I’d start this series off with one of my absolute favorite artists, Gerwell. I did get to interview him for Middle-earth News a little over a year ago, and since then he has posted so much beautiful work. I admit that I don’t know much about the earlier ages of Middle-earth, most is foreign to me, but Gerwell’s work just gives me more desire to try and tackle The Silmarillion again. I see his interpretations for characters like Eönwë, Varda, Sauron, and immediately feel like I need to know more about them. And since these characters haven’t been in movies it gives artists more freedom to decide how they want them each to look like. I’ve seen Silmarillion artwork from a lot of people, and what amazes me is that no work looks the same. Everyone has their own vision, it’s amazing!

Gerwell has posted many pieces of Eönwë and not all of them are the same. Look at the amount of detail! I pretty much want one of everything he is wearing.

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