Collection Spotlight: March 4, 2015

I spent way too much money at NYCC last year and I spend most of it at the Weta booth because of obvious reasons. One of the items I purchased was the Mirkwood Gaol Key that you can see in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I don’t own the key to Erebor, I was going to get that but I just really really love the design of the Mirkwood key. You can find it on Weta’s site here.

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Seeing Asians in Lake-town

I wrote a little bit about this last night on my Tumblr, but I decided to write more about it here because it’s something I think about a lot.

I can’t really describe exactly how I felt when I saw POC, specifically Asians, in Lake-town for the first time. While I did feel many positive emotions, I quickly felt a little disappointed because none of them had lines. Well, none of them had their own individual lines. They were pretty much background characters and I would have LOVED to hear them speak. But let me talk about the positive emotions I experienced.

I was not prepared to see this much diversity in DOS, which is kind of sad when you think about it. I was caught off guard but it made me smile because WOW someone who looks like me actually lives in Middle-earth. It made me think, “I could live in Middle-earth!” But to be clear, I’m not saying that if there weren’t Asians in the film I wouldn’t constantly imagine what my life would be like in the Shire because if you know me you know how much I would want to be a hobbit. It’s so important to properly represent as many people as possible in film. There’s absolutely no denying that POC representation is no where near as big as White representation, it’s something that is slowly improving. Did I mention slowly? And if a subject was initially from a POC story, perspective, legend etc., the film world has a habit of casting a White person instead. It’s happened way too many times lately.

Seeing Asians on screen in a world I love so much was so incredibly meaningful to me. And in BOTFA, there were a few seconds where an Asian woman had a close up AND I FELT SO HAPPY. There’s different types of people in Lake-town so where the hell are they in the other parts of Middle-earth? Aren’t hobbits described as having light to brown skin? Where are the brown hobbits? *cough* Sam *cough* At least in LOTRO there’s options to make your characters have different skin colors.

You can give me long essays on which countries and populations influenced certain locations in Middle-earth, but you know what? There should have been MANY more types of people in both the LOTR and Hobbit trilogies in my opinion. It’s a weird subject because Eru knows I love both casts but if there’ll ever be remakes, I would want a very different approach at casting. I want people of different ethnicities to be involved, I want to see different skin tones, I want to see different facial structures, I want diversity and representation. The world Tolkien created is adored all around the world, all types of people share the same love you feel. Because Middle-earth has become so global, the Hobbit trilogy should have taken advantage of that and cast more people who are not White. To see these films where you aren’t able to find anyone who looks anything like you is disappointing.

I’ve seen fanart from people who draw Middle-earth characters as POC, and last year was the start of the Middle-earth POC challange and I can’t wait for this year’s! Like it says in this post from AskMiddlearth: “the power is in your hands now.”

Representation is so important.

Thoughts on ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ Extended Edition Figurine

I just saw what the special figure for DOS will be and I am feeling very underwhelmed to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, the craftsmanship is beautiful, just what you expect from Weta, but the subject matter? I’m not really feeling it. I was one of the people who enjoyed the barrel scene, it was so ridiculous and funny that I couldn’t not like it. Bombur taking out orcs while stuck in a barrel and Legolas playing hopscotch on dwarf heads? Too good to scoff at. Even though I liked the scene, I don’t consider it that big of a moment to make it the special addition to the DOS EE. I was hoping for something Mirkwood related or you know, Smaug. Smaug would have been awesome. Hell, something Bard related would be cool too!

I like to look at the barrel scene as the “video game moment” for DOS. In AUJ it was the escape from Goblin Town. It looked like a video game, I’m just saying. I wonder what it will be for BOTFA.

I’m getting off topic. Right, the figurine. It’s very nice, but not something I would have expected to be with the sepcial DOS EE set.

Yesterday was AWESOME!

The Hobbit Fan Event was yesterday and I attended the one in NYC. IT WAS AMAZING. I had so much fun. I was pretty nervous because it was my first official duty as a reporter for Middle-earth News and I went alone. I didn’t know anyone but I started talking to the people in line and it was lots of fun. It’s a fan event, so I wanted to be with the fans. I saw great cosplays, talked to fellow fans and shared many laughs. Got myself a Nori ring from a woman named Deejay who was thoughtful enough to give out buttons and rings to everyone in line.

I was in line hanging out for about 5-6 hours and it was COLD. We were outside in the shade in the middle of autumn in New York City. Not the most comfortable environment but you know what? Everyone seemed to be having a fun time. We were all just so excited to be part of this event.
I was seated with press and it was pretty surreal. Me as press? How has that happened? Not going to lie, I felt pretty cooool.
We all received complimentary popcorn, refreshments and t-shirts!
The actual event was awesomeeeee. Not only did we get to see the latest production video, and credits song for DOS (which I personally love) but we -everyone in the theaters- saw 20 minutes of footage! I really really enjoyed it. It definitely got my pumped to watch the next two films.
My first experience as a reporter “on the scene” was very nerve wracking but overall very cool.
I will be posting a full article on my experience on Middle-earth News tomorrow including some information on the footage that the public didn’t get to see.

Beorn Thoughts

Quick thoughts on Beorn:

  • not hairy enough
  • seriously, where is the chest hair
  • the empty space where the beard would be mocks me
  • looks strangely orange. but that’s most likely due to the editing and photograph
  • hair is surprisingly light
  • he has no chest hair
  • this guy turns into a bear. where is the body hair
  • this is nothing like how I pictured Beorn
  • he looks like he’s in mid transformation
I feel like they wanted Beorn to appeal to a particular audience so they made him more “hunky” (the hairless, smooth, exposed chest).
I look forward to seeing Mikael Persbrandt portray him. I hear good things about him. Hopefully he’ll be able to distract me from thinking about werewolves.

Did I mention the lack of body hair?

Desolation of Smaug Trailer!

I have many thoughts.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Okay, okay. Pretty architecture, okay. Good. Fine. Moving on.

I like what I’m seeing, very pretty.

Some regal Thranduil, of course. Beautiful.
Legolas action, because there always needs to be Legolas action. His eyes still creep me out.
“Legolas has grown very fond of you. Do not give him hope where there is none.”
Okay. *deep breath* Thranduil. What do you mean? What kind of fond? A bro/friend kind of fond or a romantic/unrequited love fond? Because if it’s romantic I don’t know how I will handle that.
I was looking forward to seeing a female character with no romantic story line. It shouldn’t make a women any less “strong”, but I can’t help feeling like they created her just to have a romance involved. Look at his face. It’s strange to see Legolas look like that. It’s so different. This part in the trailer wasn’t exactly…. my favorite.
I have a feeling the fondness he feels is an admiring one…. holding onto this hope for dear life.
Okay, yup. Still pretty.
SPIDERS! YAY! I hope Bilbo gets to keep his moment in the movie. Hey Attercop! Hey Attercop! You can’t catch anybody.
“What did you find?” “My courage.” oh boy
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. What is this??? Beorn. Beorn bear. Why are you chasing the company? I remember reading some spoilers a while ago, saying that Beorn is going to be chasing the company… I hope hoping that they weren’t true. But. Apparently I was wrong.
I’m so upset about this! That part in the book when the company is slowly walking to Beorn’s home in pairs is SUCH a good part. So good. One of my favorites. And now we just get more conflict.
I do not like this.
REALLY? Really… really??

Oh. Here we go. Time for Thorin to turn on the attitude.
Aaaaand finally… SMAUG. Okay, so I really didn’t want to hear his voice. I wanted that to be the big surprise when I see it in theaters. But you know what? I like it! I like his voice, it reminds me of a fireplace. Just like the voice I hear while reading The Hobbit.
Yuuup. This was my basic reaction.
Don’t LOVE the trailer. It is what it is.
And now we wait till December.