Tolkien Collection Haul: April-June 2016

I almost forgot to do this post! For some reason I thought April-July was three months, can’t tell you why I had that brain fart. The past few months have been very good to my collection, especially the book portion of it! Like I said in an earlier haul post, one day I’ll figure out how to nicely display everything but today is still not that day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Collection Spotlight: February 25, 2015

One of my most favorite items in my collection is this Balrog statue from Sideshow Collectibles! I got it at New York Comic Con last year for $40 and I still have a hard time believing I only paid that much money. I’m slightly convinced there must be a small defect somewhere because when I looked it up online everyone seems to be selling it for at least $100. I remember the same booth/vendor had a bunch of other awesome LOTR statues including this Galadriel one for $50.

I didn’t understand how these people could sell these items for such a great deal. But when I went back to the booth on the last day I noticed they brought out some statues that were expensive. I saw an Aragorn one and thought “hells yeah I’m gonna get myself THAT” because I thought it would be around the same price that I saw the first day. Nope. Turned out it cost $300, so I very slowly and awkwardly backed out because that is too much for me haha.

I hope I get the chance to go to NYCC again this year, because I have the most luck there when it comes to LOTR figures and statues!

Oh and sorry for how dusty it is. My collection is covered with a thin and gross layer of dust, I should really remedy that.

Those Little Moments #1

There are these small moments in the LOTR trilogy that make me so happy. Well, come make me happy, some make me sad but they make me feel.

I was doing a re-listen of the soundtracks today and the song when the Fellowship is leaving Rivendell came on. Which I LOVE. The music starts out soft, and it sounds a little fragile, almost trembling. You see the Fellowship starting their journey and they’re walking across a bridge, then you see them walking with Rivendell in the background. As they’re doing this the music is getting juuuuust a little bit more intense, but still quiet. The shot goes to them walking across vast plains, there’s panoramic shots, beautiful scenery, all that good stuff. The music gets louder, quicker and I always get a slight anxious feeling, but an excited kind of anxious.

AND THEN IT HAPPENS. The Fellowship walks past those rocks and the music INTENSIFIES.