Tolkien Artist Fridays: lanimalu

Happy Friday everyone! And welcome to Tolkien Artist Fridays once again, the artist of the week is lanimalu. I discovered her Tumblr about a year ago and it was through this post which nearly destroyed my heart. 😥 It shows Balin looking over Fili and Kili as young kiddies and…as grown brave dwarves. You can see the rest of the post here. Warning: if you haven’t read The Hobbit, beware of spoilers.


Recognize these cats? How cute is this??? I love the incorporation of the dwarve’s hairstyles, Thorin!kitty even has grey streaks in his tail. Click the image to see the rest of the Company.


Even if Kiliel isn’t your thing, you can’t deny how nice this fanart is! I love lanimalu’s use of line, there’s different line weight throughout and it works extremely well with her art. Also, the watercolor texture in her colored pieces is beautiful, I just think all of her work is beautifully drawn. 🙂


You can keep up with her work via Blogspot and Tumblr.


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