Tolkien Collection Haul: October-December 2015

It’s been about a year since I first started doing Tolkien Collection Haul posts! This haul is definitely a big one, and it’s mostly because I went a little crazy at New York Comic Con in October.

Tolkien Haul Oct-Dec 9

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Collection Spotlight: February 25, 2015

One of my most favorite items in my collection is this Balrog statue from Sideshow Collectibles! I got it at New York Comic Con last year for $40 and I still have a hard time believing I only paid that much money. I’m slightly convinced there must be a small defect somewhere because when I looked it up online everyone seems to be selling it for at least $100. I remember the same booth/vendor had a bunch of other awesome LOTR statues including this Galadriel one for $50.

I didn’t understand how these people could sell these items for such a great deal. But when I went back to the booth on the last day I noticed they brought out some statues that were expensive. I saw an Aragorn one and thought “hells yeah I’m gonna get myself THAT” because I thought it would be around the same price that I saw the first day. Nope. Turned out it cost $300, so I very slowly and awkwardly backed out because that is too much for me haha.

I hope I get the chance to go to NYCC again this year, because I have the most luck there when it comes to LOTR figures and statues!

Oh and sorry for how dusty it is. My collection is covered with a thin and gross layer of dust, I should really remedy that.

A look back at 2014 and a look ahead at 2015.

2014 was a pretty good year. Yes there were moments that I would much rather forget but overall I started 2015 feeling happy with the previous year. I want to talk about all of the things I accomplished so let’s do this…

Even though I’ve been a college student since 2011, it was only last year that I moved into a dorm. It was my third time transferring colleges so it was about time, wouldn’t you say? I finally got a taste of what it was like to be away from home and to live on my own and it was much less stressful than I thought it would be. I am responsible for my cooking, cleaning, all of that fun stuff and it feels nice to do more by myself. Living with roommates is teaching me patience because they don’t always clean as much as I would like them to….yup.

For reasons I will not go into, my first couple years of college were not fun at all and it showed in my grades and social skills. But when I went to my new college things changed and my grades improved A LOT and I even made it to the Dean’s list. So go me! My improvement also has to do with me finally declaring my major in graphic design and getting to take the classes I’ve always wanted to take. And it’s scary to think that I may actually be a college graduate by the end of 2015. I’M NOT READY.

2014 was also a good year for me Tolkien-wise. I expanded my collection quite a bit and added in a lot of film books that I have had my eye on for a long time. Last year is when I added in a third bookcase which resulted in rearranging my room to find a spot to put everything. In addition to my non-Tolkien-related bookcase, my bedroom is now basically 89% books. The best part about the new bookcase is that I have extra space!! That hasn’t happened for me in years, haha. Continue reading

New York Comic Con 2013

First off I want to apologize for the lack of photos!

I don’t even know where to begin, there’s so much to talk about. Hmm.

Well, New York Comic Con was amazing. And because my dad was helping out a family friend with his booth, Rachel and I were able to receive exhibitor passes. We went on Saturday and Sunday, and spent both those days wandering around the convention center. There were some fantastic cosplays! The most memorable ones for me were the Iron Throne (which you can see in this short video), an Adventure Time group (Fionna, Flame Princess, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess and Prince Bubblegum) and a Kaylee from Firefly. She looked so much like Jewel Staite.

On Saturday I went to the Legend of Korra panel and got to the line pretty early. Thank god because as soon as the doors opened at 10 a.m. for the public, people piled in. I got a good seat, in front of the cast and crew in the fifth row.

The panelists included Bryan Konietzko (co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra), Joaquim dos Santos (co-executive producer), Janet Varney (Korra), P.J. Byrne (Bolin) and Steven Yeun (Wan). Steven was sort of a last minute guest and it was so cool to see him! Love him as Glenn from The Walking Dead and having him voice the very first avatar is great.
They showed us a new episode of Korra, which centered around Wan and how he became the first avatar. The art style of Wan’s story is a little different from the rest of the show but it’s beautiful. The Japanese influence is very strong. Beautiful. Beautiful.
After the episode the panelists did a quick Q&A. P.J. is adorable and Steven was nervous about having us see him in the show. But we were quick to assure him that we loved him. Then they showed us a presentation on how they create the show. From the script to the art direction.
After the panel I made my way over to the show room and LET ME TELL YOU, the entire building was PACKED. PACKED. On Saturday I got some cool items. A Game of Thrones poster, a Frank Frazetta Print, some Fables comics and a Bilbo figure.

I grabbed the Bilbo figure SO FAST, didn’t even bother to look at the price I had to have it! It wasn’t expensive though. It’s going to be hard to not open it… the urge is strong.

My feet and shoulders were in pain! I got to Comic Con around 9 and stayed till around 6:30 at night. Long day, but worth the time.
I was shocked to see that there were hardly any Tolkien cosplays or merchandise. I only saw a Bilbo, Thranduil and Tauriel cosplays. And about four Gandalfs. I expected a lot of hobbits. And it was DIFFICULT to find any LOTR items. There were a handful of booths that had some action figures and there was’s booth, but there wasn’t much there.

On Sunday I got some more goodies, a small Totoro plushie,  a Firefly shirt, an Avatar: The Last Airbender print by Chrissie Zullo,  Smaug print by David Wenzel and a Treebeard figure.

 I pretty much screamed out “TREEBEARD” when I saw it. May have scared the vendor a little. I had no idea that David Wenzel was at NYCC! He’s the illustrator for The Hobbit graphic novel, and I love the artwork. Bummed that I didn’t bring my copy for him to sign. And I was such an idiot around David. I had to build up so much courage to ask him for a photo. The first time I just quickly and quietly said “umwoulditbepossibletotakeaphotowithyou???” Had to repeat it again because he didn’t understand me. And when I bought the print from him I just spit out “Do you accept quarters?” And Rachel shouted out “Why wouldn’t he accept change?!!” I WAS NERVOUS. Sorry David. I promise I’m not that annoying.

I was absolutely exhausted and gross and sore after comic con… as you can tell from this photo Rachel took of me on the subway.
Comic con was great, I got some really cool stuff and my feet and shoulders still hurt. It was worth it! Added three items to my Tolkien collection. Good weekend.
Hopefully there’s a lot more Tolkien items during NYCC next year, and a Hobbit panel.