The Musical Theatre Tag

I found this musical theatre tag post and felt a very strong need to do it too. If you don’t already know, I love musicals, soundtracks and scores are some of the only music I listen to and it’s a shame I’m an absolutely horrible singer otherwise I’d sing all the time around everyone.

1. What was the first musical you ever saw?

Either 42nd Street or Beauty and the Beast, I can’t remember which came first. I’m like… 76% sure it was 42nd Street.

2. What was your favorite musical growing up?

Rent!!! I first became a fan in 5th grade when my music teacher had everyone in my grade sing “Seasons of Love” for a concert and it still is my favorite musical.

3. Were you ever in a musical?

Only the ones I was forced to be in in elementary school. I don’t act, sing or dance, it’s a travesty.

4. What was the first musical you saw on Broadway?

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