Tolkien Collection Haul: January-March 2015

At the beginning of this year I decided to do Tolkien haul posts every three months and the first one was for October-December 2014. Well, it’s been about three months so it’s finally time for another haul post! I surprisingly have a lot of stuff to show you guys, I didn’t expect this. Here’s a photo of¬†everything:

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 1
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Fellowship of the Ring Concert

In 2009, when I was 16, I went to the Fellowship of the Ring Concert in Radio City Music Hall. I remember very clearly how I found out about this event. I was sitting outside somewhere in Union Square with a friend and she showed me The Onion. I never read that paper before, and while I was flipping through the pages there was a full page spread advertising the concert. I froze and let out a strange, deep, loud gasp and yelled out “WHAT IS THIS???” Pretty sure I scared my friend.

I spent the next few days begging my mom for tickets. I ended up selling some of my LOTR action figures (I know I know, I MISS THEM) to afford the tickets. I just HAD to be near the front. It would have been an equally amazing experience even if I was near the top. I went with my dad and we had some pretty good seats.

(Sorry for the crappy photos)

Almost six years had passed since I saw one of the films in a theatre so I was extremely excited! It was great to see all the people who came. I remember thinking “Wow. All of these people love LOTR like me!” I didn’t have any friends who did so it was very special.
I purchased one of the programs and lusted over all the other products. The complete recordings of LOTR (which I now own), some audio recordings of Tolkien’s works and Beecake CDs.
So about the actual concert… the music was AMAZING. The singing was AMAZING. IT WAS ALL JUST AMAZING. I was so tired but this concert was worth it. I had the chance to watch my favorite movie and hear all of the music/singing performed live right in front of me. I’ll never forget it. I think the Two Towers concert passed but I’m still waiting for the Return of the King one to happen! I’ll be there front and center! Okay, I won’t because that would be incredibly expensive, but still.
This day was one of the best moments of my life!
And I met Howard Shore! We weren’t allowed to get our picture taken with him unfortunately. I had my dad stand off to the side and take photos of him when I was getting my program signed. My hands were shaking SO MUCH, LET ME TELL YOU. I’m sorry I look like a murderous vampire in these photos, I was tired and nervous. And our camera wasn’t the best, ha.

 I wish I could have shaken his hand! Oh well. Seeing him was wonderful anyway.
This was the highlight of the year for me.

This is a photo of me after my dad and I left. Can you tell how exhausted I was? Good day. Very good day.