The Epic Disney Tag!

Yup, I’m doing another tag post because who gets tired of those? You can find the original Disney tag from Smilingldsgirl here. I’ll probably include some Pixar as well.

Disney Tag graphic

1. A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience?

There are a bunch and let me just say this right now: expect me to give multiple answers to each question, it’s too hard to just give one!

I wish I could experience the moment in Tangled when Flynn and Repunzel are on the water and sitting beneath all the lanterns, I bet it would be breathtaking.

Another scene would be in Tarzan when he takes Jane up in the trees to all the birds during “Strangers Like Me”.

Honorable mentions:

  • Riding alongside horses on the flying carpet – Aladdin
  • Jumping over a waterfall – Pocahontas
  • Walking into the Beast’s kick-ass library – Beauty and the Beast
  • Looking up to see Zeus creating a constellation in the sky of Hercules – Hercules
  • Seeing all the animals in the lights (sorry that doesn’t make sense haha) – Brother Bear

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