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I’m a sucker for monthly favorite posts/videos. If I see those on YouTube you best believe I’m clicking on them. I’m definitely not interesting enough to write about things I like every single month, I’m barely interesting enough for this post! But here I am.

There are two musicals I’ve recently fallen in love with, the first being Waitress. I’ve wanted to watch it for moooooonths, hopefully I’ll get to watch it some time soon! Literally 5-10 seconds in the first song I was hooked. ♪ Sugar, butter, flour ♪

I usually don’t listen to a soundtrack until I see the show (so far Hamilton and Waitress have been the exceptions) but with how much more expensive Broadway tickets are getting, that’s probably not realistic. Sara Bareilles wrote the music and lyrics for the show and she did an EXCELLENT JOB. I hope she continues to work more in the theatre world because I need more show tunes from her. I recommend listening to the entire album (seriously) but if you just want a little taste (♪ it only takes a taaaaste ♪), I recommend listening to: “When He Sees Me”, “Bad Idea” and “She Used to Be Mine”–those are currently my favorites.

Jeremy Morse, Molly Hager, Jessie Mueller, Aisha Jackson and Stephanie Torns (Photo: Joan Marcus)

The other musical I want to talk about is Dear Evan Hansen. I’ve been hearing about it a lot lately and what finally made me decide to look into it was Tyler Mount’s video where he talked about his top 5 musical songs. “Waving Through a Window” was #2 on his list so I figured it was time. I listened to the song once and then I listened to it again. And another 10 or so times. What I’m saying is that I have it on repeat. I have only listened to this one song but it’s more than enough for me to love the show. Along with Waitress and In Transit, this show is at the top of the list of shows I want to see. You can listen to “Waving Through a Window” here.

If what I have to say isn’t enough for you to be interested, here are some extra tidbits:

  • Michael Greif is the director. He directed other shows such as the original production of Rent (!!!!!), Next to Normal and If/Then.
  • Alsoooo, Alex Lacamoire, the music genius behind Hamilton and In the Heights, among other shows, did the orchestrations.
  • In addition to Dear Evan Hansen, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul created the music/lyrics for the James and the Giant Peach musical which is spectacular. Okay I’m done now.

This year I discovered the genius that is Brandon Sanderson and so far I’ve read 12 of his books.

  1. Elantris
  2. Mistborn: The Final Empire
  3. The Well of Ascension
  4. The Hero of Ages
  5. Alloy of Law
  6. Shadows of Self
  7. The Bands of Mourning
  8. Mistorn: Secret History (novella)
  9. The Way of Kings
  10. Words of Radiance
  11. The Emperor’s Soul
  12. Warbreaker

I love all of them, especially the Mistborn books, but give me a moment to talk about The Stormlight Archive series. There are only two books out now (The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance) out of the 10 Sanderson is planning to write. The books are beasts but soooooooo worth the time it takes to read. More people need to read them because I need more people to talk to about it!!! My friend, Joff, has been an absolute saint and put up with my many messages on Twitter; I needed to get my feelings out somehow! Such a great series, SO GREAT. Great.

On more than one occasion I was quite literally on the edge of my seat. Sanderson is the master of plot twists and emotional torture and I love him for that. I check his website often to see if he’s made any progress on the third book and it’s currently at 73%!! I’d give you a brief summary but I’d butcher it so just look it up. It’s a great series. Thought I’d remind you.

From Patrick Rothfuss’ blog

I only have one more thing to talk about and that’s the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics! Words cannot express how much I love the show and how it inspires me, it’s just the best. I read The Promise ages ago but only recently read the rest and I’m more than ready for North and South! I’m not going to spoil anything but finally learning more about Ursa, Zuko’s mother, lifted a giant weight off my shoulders. The art throughout the stories is beautiful just like in the show and seeing the Gaang grow up and go through more adventures makes me happy. And I know there’s going to be comics for The Legend of KorraI need more of this world!! How great would it be to get comics about past Avatars? I hope people continue to create more Avatar products because I’m not done with this fandom.

“Smoke and Shadow”

Obligatory question: what things have you been loving lately? Comment below!