Carry-on Necessities

Traveling Bag 1

I’m the type of person who over-packs. No matter where I go, I bring more than I need, and if I don’t have all of my things with me I feel anxious. I just like knowing I have a certain something if a situation arises where I need it.

I’m going to be traveling with my mom later this month to a few countries in Europe (I’ll talk more about that later) for about 9 days, so I started thinking about what I’m going to be bringing. Oh, another fact you should know about me is that I usually pack way in advance because I get too excited.

I like “what’s in my bag” kind of videos and posts, so if you’re interested in seeing what I usually pack in my carry-on’s, here you go:

First up is my cross body bag from Fossil, a.k.a. my “personal item”. I bought this (or I should say my mom bought this) from an outlet for around $99 six or seven years ago. I have used this bag constantly (it’s pretty much the only bag I use) ever since I got it, so it was worth the money. All of my ~purses~ are cross body because I cannot be bothered to have one on my shoulder or in the crook of my arm.

Carry on 3

  1. Tote: I bring bags within my bags because I’m paranoid about needing an extra one all the time. I bought this tote bag from Strand a couple years ago.
  2. Book: I always need a book with me even if I end up not reading it. I’m going to bring The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson for my trip. It’s long as hell (that’s what she sa– I’m sorry), so I won’t need to worry about finishing it without having a backup.
  3. Notebook: I like having pen and paper with me, so I keep a small notebook with me to jot things down or doodle. Sometimes I get anxiety if I’m not doing something with my hands.
  4. Tiny pouch: In addition to packing too early and over-packing, I have lots of pouches. Remember when Spongebob and Patrick were tricked into buying those bags to put their chocolate in? That’s me.
    In this lil’ pouch I have a pack of oil absorbent sheets because if I’m traveling for hours, chances are I’m going to feel gross. These sheets help me blot off any excess oil on my face. This pouch also contains chapstick, hand sanitizer, and Listerine strips.
  5. Wallet: An obvious item. I got this one from a Kate Spade outlet, I want to say it cost around $40? Expensive, I know, but it’s no where near as expensive as how much they sell for in regular stores. It’s really well made and before I would always buy new wallets because my old ones got too worn out.
  6. Passport: I keep my passport in a little pouch my mom got from India. Not sure what it’s meant for but passports fit perfectly in it.
  7. Chargers/outlet converters: Another pouch! This is where my phone charger, outlet converters, and portable chargers are placed.
  8. Phone/headphones: More obvious items.
  9. Water bottle: I hate buying water bottles at the airport for $5, who doesnt? Filling up this reusable water bottle at a filtered fountain is preferred but I’ll do it at a regular water fountain if I have to.

My backpack! This is from Herschel and it’s pricey, I won’t lie. I think that if you’re able to, invest in well-made bags because they’ll last you a long time. I’m getting flashbacks of when I’d need a new backpack every school year because they’d end up getting destroyed.

Carry on 2

  1. Neck pillow: I bought this pillow more for my mom, so she’ll be the one using it. It’s a Samsonite pillow that can be converted to a square shape. Very nice.
  2. Make-up: I DON’T wear make-up when I’m traveling, it’s too much to deal with. I admire people who can pull it off and not look like a zombie. I won’t bore you with what products I own, you can see some of them in the gallery below. I might need to put some of my make-up with my face wash items if it counts as liquid.
  3. Misc. pouch: What is this, my 500th pouch? I keep my toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, moisturizer, and perfume in here. Okay, I shouldn’t say perfume, it’s a fragrance mist from Bath & Body Works, nothing fancy. Get a refillable travel-sized perfume bottle if you travel with perfumes/fragrances.
    If you’re interested, I use this to clean my face. Hella expensive, but I’ve been needing something good for my skin for a long time. I’ll use $4 eyeliner, I don’t care, but I’m willing to splurge on my skin. This is also where I keep my deodorant, face towel and powder (if I’m feeling oily, this helps).
    This pouch is from the Philippines, my mom probably spend $1 on it, maybe even less.
  4. Pouches on pouches on pouches: I keep my hair brush, lotion, extra hair-tie, compact mirror, and compressed face powder in this. Brushing your hair after hours of travel can make you feel so much better. At least it does for me.
    I don’t remember exactly where this pouch is from, I think my mom got it from a past flight. It originally came with with ear plugs, socks, a sleeping mask, things like that (and it was in coach! I’m not used to such luxuries on flights). That reminds me, I need to find my sleeping mask.
  5. Camera: My goal is to one day own a kick-ass DSLR, but until then I’m content with my Canon Powershot SX530. Along with the camera, this is where my charger, spare battery, and extra memory card are placed.
  6. Drawing materials: Yes, I have three separate sketchbooks, but they all have a different role!! One is for legit sketching, one is for doodling (the pages have different layouts so it’s fun to draw in them), and the other is my Moleskine, which is for more serious drawings. The orange folder is just where I keep copies of my itinerary and Airbnb information.
  7. Pencil bag: Ahh, another pouch. If I’m bringing a notebook and three sketchbooks, obviously I need a ridiculous amount of pens, pencils, and markers. I got this particular pouch at a garage sale for a quarter years ago, but it’s from LeSportsac.
  8. Traveling Bilbo: I brought him (“him” because apparently he’s real), with me when I was in New Zealand, so I figured I’d take him with me again on my next adventure. I need to glue the walking stick to his hand because the mini panic attacks I got in NZ when I temporarily lost it were too stressful.
  9. Extra bag: I don’t know the official name for this type of bag, but it’s the kind where you can roll it up and clip together. My mom got a bunch of them from the Philippines years ago, but I’m sure you can find them anywhere.
  10. Gum: This is good to have if your ears pop on the plane. I keep Listerine strips in my other bag because I have TMJ and chewing gum sometimes makes my jaw lock. FUN!

Alright, that’s it! Hopefully this wasn’t too boring for you. What do you keep in your carry-on bags? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Carry-on Necessities

  1. Lily April 12, 2016 / 11:18 pm

    Yay, traveling Bilbo! I’m sure he’s quite ready for another adventure!

  2. Maria May 7, 2016 / 2:42 pm

    Why haven’t I seen this earlier?? =O.

    Anyhow, first of all love that you have three different sketchbooks (incl one for seeerious stuff). My next trip is only in Sept. but I will pack the following:

    My Midori traveller’s notebook (expensive but I LOVE IT.) The travel set-up will be: 1 doodle/creative dump journal. 1. organisation journal (containing bookings & adresses). and 1 travel journal for some seeeeeerious journalling.

    Then I’ll also take an A5 sized Moleskine planner as an additional travel journalling thing where I’ll basically write everything down messy as a reference for the actual pretty journalling.

    My camera which will be by then hopefully a Sony Alpha 5000 (I’m currently saving money) If not, then it’ll be my good ol’ 7 year old sony cybershot.

    My phone & wallet.

    A travel organizer wallet containing my printed flight ticket & passport

    A pencilcase (obviously)

    And my kindle (best travel alternative for bookworms EVERRRR).

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