Tolkien Wishlist: If I Were a Rich Man

…yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum…

I’m positive that I’ll never stop collecting which also means my Tolkien wishlist will never stop growing. I would say many of the items in my list are possible, but I do have some things that are really expensive, I’m talking $100+ USD. If I had money to spare, these are items I’d add to my collection without a second thought:

Aragorn’s Crown


My collection doesn’t have nearly enough Aragorn-related items.

Aragorn's Crown



The most beautiful sword from all six films, I will fight you on this.

Photo by: yellowmo on Flickr

Folio Book Editions

The Hobbit: $56.95
The Silmarillion: 69.95
The Lord of the Rings: $189.95

These books cost about $316 altogether, they’ll be mine when I win the lottery.

Folio Tolkien

Silver Acorn Pendent


Okay, this $1 less than 100 but it’s close enough. If it has to do with Bilbo, I need it.

The Complete History of Middle-earth


I only own the first 5 volumes of the Histories of Middle-earth because the other ones are pricey. If I could, I’d buy this boxset.

Photo by:

Faramir Statue


I remember seeing this statue for the first time at NYCC a couple years ago and it is even more beautiful in person.

60th Anniversary Edition of LOTR

~ $102.00

Such a pretty edition of LOTR! Look at those colors.

LOTR box set

Contract Replica


I own the cheaper version (still really nice), but imagine owning an exact replica made by Daniel Reeve.

Aragorn Figure – Asmus


Another Aragorn I need in my life.

One Ring Replica – Yellow Gold


I mean, if I had the money, why not?

What would you buy?


One thought on “Tolkien Wishlist: If I Were a Rich Man

  1. gekitsu April 5, 2016 / 7:41 pm

    oh wow, that *is* a list.

    regarding the folio prices: i’m guessing you could get them for a little less. when i convert the GBP prices on their website, i get:
    hobbit: 29.99 GBP = 42.47 USD
    silmarillion: 38.95 GBP = 55.16 USD
    lotr: 99.95 GBP = 141.53 USD
    so ‘only’ in the realm of ~240 USD for the books, without shipping.

    according to, your first order has shipping capped at 8 GBP, i.e ~11 USD.

    so what i’d do is look at the site monthly, and wait until there’s a discount code for the tolkien stuff. (‘this month’s offer’ in their shop.) i can’t remember how much discount i got when i ordered mine, but it wasn’t a trivial amount. definitely more than the 10% on select titles they are having right now.

    also, re pricy history of middle-earth: are we talking hardcover editions or something, because german amazon seems to have all the harpercollins paperbacks at under 15 EUR each.

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