Tolkien Collection Haul: October-December 2015

It’s been about a year since I first started doing Tolkien Collection Haul posts! This haul is definitely a big one, and it’s mostly because I went a little crazy at New York Comic Con in October.

Tolkien Haul Oct-Dec 9

One day I’ll have a nice set up and background for these photos but it is not this day.

The Joe Gilronan print and John Noble autograph were gifts from Valdis, she knows my interests very well (hobbits and Denethor)!! Oh and look at the wrapping paper in the back, I’m kind of obsessed with the hobbit home pattern and I may or may not want it as wallpaper in my room.

The John Rhys-Davies autograph (sadly they ran out of Gimli photos) and photo I got at NYCC. It was my first time doing a photo op and it was STRESSFUL. You get one chance to take a photo and you pray to ERU that it turns out okay. Still can’t believe I was that close to Gimli — I mean John. October and December were good months for Johns.

Tolkien Haul Oct-Dec 1

These were the items I purchased from Weta Workshop‘s booth at NYCC (I don’t think I’m leaving anything out…).

  • Key to Erebor – I got the Mirkwood Gaol Key last year so I of course needed the other Hobbit key. It’s surprisingly heavy and it’s sooooo beautiful.
  • Portrait of Bilbo Baggins – Honestly, it’s about time I got this print.
  • Map of Hobbiton Print – I wasn’t going to get this at first but it is just so pretty I had to get it. Another reason I bought it was because the artist, Daniel Falconer, was there and I got it signed by him!
  • Exclusive NYCC 2015 shirt – Another item I wasn’t going to get, but on the last day of the con Weta lowered the price by $10 so I had to. I’d probably kick myself years later if I didn’t get it.

Tolkien Haul Oct-Dec 2

A lot of my NYCC budget was spent on LOTR action figures. My goal for the convention was to find a Merry and Denethor figure, I only managed to fulfill one of those goals but I’ll get my own Merry one day!

  • Newborn Lurtz
  • Gandalf Stormcrow – Wasn’t going to buy this but Josh convinced me. I love Toy Biz because they created figures for basically every costume of every character.
  • Gimli –  Bought this to get John Rhys-Davies to sign it but then I decided against it. I both hate and love that it comes with a million (a.k.a. five) axes. It’ll be a miracle if I don’t lose any.
  • Snaga the Orc bust –  If you know me you know I love Jed, sooooo I needed this.
  • Mini-Radagast –  Not a NYCC purchase, it was part of the gift from my Secret Santa this year, Alice!
  • LOTR shot glasses This was a last minute purchase, $10 and so worth it!
  • Denethor I spent all of NYCC trying to find a Denethor. Every time I looked at the LOTR toys at a booth, the owner would ask “Looking for anyone in particular?”and when I said Denethor they just looked back at me with a blank expression. I FINALLY found him on the last day of the con. To be honest I don’t even remember how much I spent, it was all a blissful blur.
  • Éomer I already had an Éowyn and Théoden, I needed to complete the family.
  • Pelennor Fields Aragorn Bought it for Aragorn reasons.

Tolkien Haul Oct-Dec 8

Tolkien Haul Oct-Dec 8

I splurged this year on my BOTFA DVD and got the pretty box set with the Weta figure. Out of the three films, I love the BOTFA one the most, Weta picked a really nice moment.

The other BOTFA item I got for this haul was the final Chronicles book from Weta, I ended up reading the entire thing soon after I received it. I hope Weta will put out these type of books for LOTR, I know we have the art books but the Chronicles are just the best.

Tolkien Haul Oct-Dec 4

Lily continued to help my collection grow! I know I’ve said this so many times but her used bookstores truly ARE the greatest.

  • The Hobbit Family Edition (ISBN 0-681-46576-X) – I never knew this edition existed until Lily told me about it. The only thing that makes it different from other copies of The Hobbit is that it has large type.
  • Meditations on Middle-earth (ISBN 0-312-27536-6) – Haven’t really looked at this much yet but it has stories by many known fantasy authors including Terry Pratchett and George R. R. Martin.
  • ROTK EE on VHS (yes, that’s a thing that exists) – This was the last one I needed to complete the trilogy!
  • Inside Tolkien’s The Return of the King on VHS – If I still had a VHS player I would watch it right now! Just need to hunt down a DVD version.
  • The Lord of the Rings Millennium Edition box set (ISBN 0-261-10387-3) – This was my Christmas gift from Lily, and I love it!!!
  • The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings box set (ISBN 0-395-28265-9, 0-395-27223-8, 0-395-27222-X, 0-395-27221-1) – I don’t think I can ever thank Lily enough for all of the amazing things she’s sent me. Look at that box set!! And the books are in such great condition.

Tolkien Haul Oct-Dec 5

The next set of items were given to me other people.

  • The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings on cassette – My dad found these at one of our local used bookstores for $3 each, so only $12 total!
  • The J.R.R. Tolkien Handbook by Colin Duriez (ISBN 0-8010-3014-5) – Another item from my dad, it’s nothing that we haven’t seen before, just has definitions of Tolkien terms/names.
  • Monsters and Villains of the Movies and Literature (ISBN 0-545-07938-1) – He got this because it mentions Orcs, Shelob, Sauron and the Ringwraiths.
  • The Two Towers (ISBN 978-0-547-92820-3) – Also from my dad, I have The Hobbit in this style, now I need to find FOTR, ROTK, The Silmarillion, and Unfinished Tales. I think those are the only other ones with the same design?
  • The Fellowship of the Ring (ISBN 0-395-27223-8) – This book was sent to me by Josh, thanks, Josh!!
  • The Fall of Arthur (ISBN 978-0-544-11589-7) – Sent to me by Oloriel, I love the way the cover feels. I don’t know when I’ll read this, but hopefully some time next year.
  • The Hobbit Illustrated by Alan Lee (ISBN 0-395-87346-0) – This was an early graduation gift from a family friend, it’s been on my wishlist for years!

Tolkien Haul Oct-Dec 6

These two items I bought myself from Strand (one of the GREATEST bookstores).

  • The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings box set (ISBN 345-24031-6-150, 345-24032-4-150, 345-24033-2-150, 345-24034-0-150) – This was only $6.50, for a store in Manhattan that is FANTASTIC. This set is about 41 years old and the books are practically in new condition! The box is a little banged up but still intact.
  • The Fellowship of the Ring (ISBN 0-618-15398-5) – You have NO IDEA how excited I was when I found this. This was the one I needed to complete a set, and it’s one of my favorite copies of FOTR for obvious reasons (those reasons being hobbits and Bag End).

Tolkien Haul Oct-Dec 7

Last items in my haul are the Christmas cards from my Middle-earth News family! From left to right: Valdis, Arwen, Britta, Evie, Lily, Maria, and Alice. ❤

Tolkien Haul Oct-Dec 3

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  1. gekitsu December 23, 2015 / 6:47 pm

    damn, that ‘meditations…’ book looks like a potentially interesting read. when you come round to reading it, i’d love to hear what you have to say.

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