My LotRO Babies!

When Lord of the Rings Online closed down a bunch of servers, they gave premium and VIP players two free slots so of course I used them (even though lord knows I don’t need them). I didn’t exactly create new characters, I just added back Berenlas and Tahlae — I deleted them a while ago to make room for other toons. So let me introduce (and in some cases, re-introduce) you to my LotRO family!

1. Alellea : Hobbit, Fallohide, Guardian
2. Alineth: Beorning
3. Berenlas: Man, Dale, Guardian
4. Elthiriond: Elf, Lorien, Champion

5. Eolinas : Woman, Rohan, Minstrel
6. Faemaril: Elf, Mirkwood, Lore-master
7. Hahlen: Hobbit, Fallohide, Burglar
8. Malyndael: Elf, Rivendell, Hunter

9.Miliori : Dwarf, Iron Hills, Rune-keeper
10. Niralieth: Woman, Gondor, Warden
11. Silmarae: Woman, Gondor, Captain
12. Tahlae: Hobbit, Stoor, Hunter

You can find me on Landroval! I have been slacking in the LotRO scene, but if I’m playing it’s most likely logged on as Alellea (level 75) or Malyndael (level 30).


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