Tolkien Collection Haul: April-June 2015

My collection grew quite a bit over the last three months, much more than I expected. Let’s get into it!

I’m going to start off with my new LOTR figures form Toy Biz. From left to right:  Boromir, Traveling Bilbo, Transfixed Bilbo and Theoden. These were birthday gifts from my dad and I am so close to owning all of the Bilbo figures, the only one I’m missing is the one included in the “There and Back Again” set. I cannot believe Toy Biz made a figure for scary Bilbo, god bless them. I wish they made figures for The Hobbit trilogy but that is a rant for another time.

Traveling Bilbo came with a bunch of awesome stuff including a Bag End backdrop, a Red Book of Westmarch, cooking pot, bedroll, Sting and mithril shirt (sorry not all are pictured in the photo). In case you didn’t know, old Bilbo is my favorite. ❤

Next up are VHS/DVDs/CDs. First is a DVD of the animated version of The Hobbit from Rankin/Bass, you can tell I had a difficult time trying to peel off the price sticker — I hate those things. My dad called me one day and said he found it at our grocery so I asked him to pick it up since it only cost a few dollars. That VHS of FOTR cost me $1 and I found it at a Goodwill. How could I pass it up?? My BOTFA DVD is Canadian because I asked my friend, Joshua, if he could pick it up for me for one reason: it came with a Red Book of Westmarch journal — you’ll see it later in this post. Thankfully he agreed to send it to me. 😀

The first two CDs are from the Lonely Mountain Band that I bought from the 2015 NY Tolkien Conference a couple weeks ago. It was their first time performing live together and I was pretty impressed! The other CD is super awesome because it’s signed by Doug Adams and HOWARD SHORE. I bought it back in April during Lincoln Center’s LOTR concerts, such a fantastic experience.

The next group of items is just a mixture of different types of stuff. My dad found that copy of Cinefex magazine at a local bookstore for $3 and it’s from January 2003, so around the time TTT was in theaters. I felt all sorts of nostalgic emotions when I read the article (and it’s a massive article!). And there’s the Red Book I talked about earlier, isn’t it beeeaaauuutifuuuul?? I wish Weta Workshop or The Noble Collection made an official replica of it, and I’m talking Hobbit size so it’s huge. The Aragorn bookmark (it shows Arwen on the other side) I found by accident. I was at a Goodwill and was flipping through a copy of FOTR and there it was! I have a lot more of those type of bookmarks that I got back in elementary school.

Those three gorgeous postcards you see there were created by Norloth (make sure to check out all of her art because she is fantastic) and they were sent to me by Lily Milos. Those two cards and Hobbit beer bottle caps were gifts from Maria and that set of Hobbit buttons were from Lily.

The LOTR concert program (and the smaller one for the theater) I got along with the signed CD shown earlier at the concerts in April. Howard Shore has such an elegant signature, it looks musical. That illustration of Jed Brophy (let’s all take a moment to appreciate it) was drawn by Maria and it is now one of my most prized possessions. Jed is my fave fyi. The mug was also from Maria and if you look closely you can see Gollum peeking out. Oh and that last item is a bracelet from the NY Tolkien Conference, on one side it says “Baruch Khazâd!” because it was held at Baruch College.

Alriiight, time to talk about the books. 😀 The top box set of LOTR (ISBN: 0-618-34624-4) I picked up a couple weeks ago at Strand Bookstore. I’m pretty sure it was the only set of LOTR film covers that I was missing (for the American over-sized paperback ones that is). The other one (SBN: 345-24786-8-100) was from Lily and I swear she always find the best stuff and deals. They’re so lovely and I love how simple the cover designs are. Thanks, Lily!

I bought the AUJ visual companion (ISBN: 978-0-547-89856-8) at Strand, just need to get the one for DOS now. I paid quite a bit for that super pretty green hardcover edition of The Hobbit, about $30, not much less than the list price (ISBN: 0-395-17711-1). I say “quite a bit” because it’s probably the item that cost the most from this haul. Also, you know, $30 is a lot of money. I wanted a brand new copy, I had a coupon and I was at Barnes and Noble so you know how it goes.

The copy of A Tolkien Miscellany (ISBN: 0-7394-2736-9) was from Lily, another awesome and cheap find at one of her local bookstores. I still need to get around to reading Leaf by Niggle. I received Forgotten Leaves: Essays from a Smial (ISBN: 9781514130902) from the Conference, you can read more about it here. I bought the 50th Anniversary Edition of Farmer Giles of Ham (ISBN: 0-618-00936-1) at Strand for about $8 and I know I didn’t take a photo of it, but the cover without the dust jacket is really beautiful.

The next two books, FOTR (ISBN: 978-953-6166-11-4) and The Hobbit (ISBN: 978-953-6166-01-5), my mom got me while she was on vacation in Croatia. It kills me to know that I will probably never complete that set of LOTR, but maybe one day, who knows? The last in the photo is a beautiful copy of TTT (ISBN: 0-04-823046-4) that I also bought at Strand. I don’t remember how much it cost, I think around $10? I desperately want to complete this set because I love the style so much but that’ll be for future-me to worry about.

The box set on the top was also from Lily (ISBN: 345-27910-7) and it includes four books: A Guide to Middle-earth by Robery Foster, Master of Middle-earth by Paul H. Kocher, Tolkien: A Look Behind The Lord fot he Rings by Lin Carter, and The Authorized Biography by Humphrey Carpenter. The slip case is just a little worn but other than that, it and the books are in great condition, practically new!

The other copy of A Guide to Middle-earth (ISBN: 0-345-32436-6) is also from Lily (seriously god bless her) and the ooooother copy I found at a free book exchange. Yay for free Tolkien books! The last in that row is The Tolkien Reader that I picked up at Strand for a few bucks!

The copy of FOTR (ISBN:  0-345-33970-3) was also from Strand, and it’s so interesting that they chose that photo of Frodo… considering it’s from ROTK. I bought that copy of The Silmarillion (ISBN: 0-261-10273-7)at a Goodwill for $1 and that Hobbit (ISBN: 0-261-10221-4) at Strand. That last TTT book (ISBN: 0-345-33971-1)was from Lily and it’s from the 50th Anniversary editions with art by Michael Herring. Now the only one in that set that I’m missing is ROTK.

This is the last photo! The top set of LOTR I bought form Strand and it was a “treat yo self” kinda day because my birthday was that week. They were $11 each so I spent a little over $30 for them. I have no idea if that’s a good deal or not, but they’re in great condition! Only sign of wear is the slight yellow color but they look and feel new. (ISBNs: 0-395-48931-8, 0-395-48933-4, 0-395-48930-X)

The last items I’ll be talking about were from Lily (seriously, thank you, Lily). The artwork is by the Professor himself and I do have a set veeeery similar to this but it has more saturated colors and different cover art. (ISBNs: 0-345-33968-1, 0-345-33970-3, 0-345-33971-1, 0-345-33973-8)

That’s the end of my haul, I wonder what I’ll have to show at the end of September. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Tolkien Collection Haul: April-June 2015

  1. Alice June 29, 2015 / 2:35 am

    That Red Book replica is so beautiful!! :O

    • Myla July 5, 2015 / 5:00 pm

      Ah sorry I’m just seeing this comment. It really is!!! I’m too nervous to write in it haha

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