Hey Hey

Hi guys! Well I haven’t posted anything on this blog for about two weeks, my bad, I still need to stick with some kind of schedule. But knowing me, there’s only about 30% chance of that happening, haha. I don’t really have any particular “thing” to talk about so I’ll just ramble on for a bit, hopefully you don’t mind.

It’s officially summer vacation for me which I’m SO HAPPY about, this past semester seemed so draining but I managed to make it out with a 3.5 GPA so at least I didn’t fail any classes. What kills me is that I could have had a better GPA for the term if I wasn’t so lazy, but ah well, it’s over. I signed up for a summer course this June, so I only have tomorrow left of doing absolutely nothing before I’m back to commuting and doing school work, ughhhh. It’s a web design course so hopefully it’s fun for me, I don’t really have any experience with it. Crossing my fingers it isn’t too difficult!

I might go to Florida some time in August for a few days with family, so that’s exciting! Nothing is set in stone though, but that hasn’t stopped me from imagining all the cool stuff I could get from Disney World and Universal Studios – especially the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I mostly want to drink butter beer and buy a wand, though who’s wand I want is still undecided. Lupin is one of my favorite characters but his wand is so…boring. It’s not ugly, just not as interesting looking as some of the others, at least in my opinion. I would actually love to have Tonks’ because one, she’s awesome, and two, Hufflepuff pride! But it doesn’t seem to be available at Universal just on the Noble Collection’s site. I also really love Luna’s and Fleur’s.

What else is happening this summer…oh! Next weekend this Tolkien group in NYC will be meeting up to watch FOTR and I’m aiming to go to that, and then the following weekend is a Tolkien Conference. I’ve never been to a conference before, so I’m pretty stoked. And then in July there’s going to be this really huge book sale sorta near where I live. Apparently there’s supposed to be tens of thousands books to look through, I’m hoping to find some Tolkien stuff (no one is surprised). I’m also hoping to complete The Wheel of Time series, I am missing three or four of them.

Speaking of books, I’ve been doing so much reading lately! For me at least. I read books 3 and 4 of The Death Gate Cycle series and am currently half way through the fifth book. There’s seven in all and my goal is to finish the entire series before July. I’ll be doing a lot of commuting next month so I’m sure I can do it! After I finish that I’m wondering if I should go right into the Wheel of Time or to read the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series since there’s only three books. I don’t know, I’ll worry about that when the time comes.

Earlier this week was Memorial Day, and one of my favorite art stores, Jerry’s Artarama, had a really good coupon code (40% off!) so I picked up a new Moleskine sketchbook and a pack of Micron pens. It was all about $20, a bargain since regularly that would have cost me more than $40. I want to do more drawing this summer even if it just means doodling. I also want to work on making cards for friends, something Middle-earth inspired, I don’t know what I want to do yet. You can see the Hobbit door cards I made last year here.

Alright that’s enough rambling. Continue with your day.~


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