Weta Wishlist – Sold Out Items

We all know Weta Workshop creates and sells great stuff (I want it all). I wish I had the opportunity to get a lot of the cool items that were being sold during the LOTR-high era but I was young and didn’t have access to my own money…and my parents didn’t want to spend their’s, haha. Can’t blame them, it gets expensive. I was going through Weta’s website today and started to look at a bunch of SUPER COOL LOTR merch that is sadly sold out. So here are some of the items I wish were still being sold:

“No Admittance” Bookends

Look at these beauties! I’ve looked them up on Ebay before and it’s not being sold for $60 let me tell you! I also do want the Argonath bookends but anything Bag End I want more.

Shields of Middle-earth Poster

If this wasn’t sold out I’d get this IN A HEARTBEAT. Look at all of these pretty shields, I want them all. In life-size. For battle. Normal things.

The Prancing Pony Environment

I wonder if there is someone who owns all of the LOTR environments? I want to be that person.

The Golden Hall Environment

If you know me you know I love Meduseld (but honestly, who doesn’t am I right?).

Amon Hen Environment

Amon Heeeennnnnn! One of the most pretty locations in my opinion.

Théoden’s Helm

Everything about Rohan is breathtaking, including the armor…and especially Théoden’s.

Sauron, the Dark Lord Figure

To be honest, the Toy Biz Sauron figure is pretty damn amazing, the amount of detail on it is A+. If the action figure is impressive I can only imagine how even more impressive the Weta one is.

Bilbo Baggins Figure

Old Bilbo is my most favorite and I wish I owned everything there was to own for him.

Red Book Magnet

Forever sad over Weta and/or Sideshow Collectibles not putting out a replica of the Red Book. Like a hobbit-sized one so it’s HUGE.

King Elessar Statue

Ahhh Aragorn, my crush since I was 8. This statue is *sigh* great, I wish it was in my collection. For reasons.

Who else thinks that Weta should bring back a bunch of their LOTR stuff? C’mon, Weta!!


2 thoughts on “Weta Wishlist – Sold Out Items

  1. Maria May 10, 2015 / 10:06 am

    I’d sell my soul for the ‘No Admittance’ Bookends! Yeah they reeeeally should bring back some of the sold out stuff. I mean the demand is there…

    • Myla May 10, 2015 / 10:57 am

      Give the people what they want, Weta!!

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