Loot Crate April 2015: Fantasy

I’ve heard a lot about Loot Crate for a while and I always thought it was a really cool idea. The only thing that stopped me from subscribing to any of the boxes (you know, aside from the monthly $20 fee) was the fact that none of the themes spoke to me. I only got the box this month because the theme was fantasy and there was a $3 off code, so I paid about $17. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to subscribe once. Anyway, I got the box yesterday and I’m pretty happy with what was inside. Here’s a shot of everything:

One of the items is a really cool t-shirt that is Dungeons & Dragons themed, see how the dragon forms an ampersand? 😀 I feel slightly like a poser because I know very little about D&D, haha. But it’s a really nice shirt so I’ll still wear it proudly.

The box also included a Harry Potter bag tag that says “9 3/4” and I will definitely be using this eventually. I also received a deck of Princess Bride themed playing cards, they’re nice. Nothing to rave about, really. Each box from Loot Crate comes with a little pin for each theme, I don’t know if I’ll keep it. But I spent $17 so I do feel hesitant to get rid of it… Another item was a bow tie (a pre-tied one) that features some type of dragon and gaming dice, D&D themed? Again, I don’t know much about it so forgive me if I sound ignorant, haha.

There are two Game of Thrones items, one is a set of magnets featuring the sigils for House Stark, Lannister, Targaryen and Baratheon. The other is a Stark-themed USB flash drive which I think is really cool!

Oh! I almost forgot to talk about the last item, the inflatable crown! I admit, I’m really excited about it and I even ended up wearing it for a few hours today.

My biggest complaint is the complete lack of Tolkien. I mean, it’s fantasy-themed! How can you have a fantasy-themed ANYTHING and not include Tolkien??? Overall, I’m happy with what was included in the box. Was it worth the $17 for me? Ehhh, I guess. I don’t regret buying it, I was curious and now I know what Loot Crate is like. I don’t see myself continuing my subscription, but if there is ever another theme that interests me, I may do it again. Maybe.


3 thoughts on “Loot Crate April 2015: Fantasy

  1. Alice April 19, 2015 / 4:14 am

    The crown and the USB are my fave (even if I’m not a fan of GoT!) 🙂

  2. Crystal H April 29, 2015 / 3:07 am

    I was planning on buying this box and I am kind of happy that I skipped it now. We are not fans of GoT and most of it would just be junk for me. I do like the D&D shirt though. I did sign up for May since it is supposed to have Marvel/DC, so hopefully it will be better.

    • Myla May 8, 2015 / 7:07 pm

      I hope the May crate is better! The April one was pretty….anticlimactic.

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