Musical Mondays: Corner of the Sky

I’m so upset I still do not have the Pippin soundtrack on my ipod, I love it so much. I actually had a difficult time trying to decide which song I wanted to choose because all of them are so great. In the end I chose “Corner of the Sky”, I feel like it’s a song that everyone can relate to in some way. I even used lyrics for an assignment I had for a graphic novel class last year. “I’ve got to be where my spirit can run free, I’ve gotta find my corner of the sky…”

Man, I gotta say that the show was phenomenal! There were people flipping, flying, doing all these acrobatic acts, it was amazing! I wish I could see it again, it’s a shame it closed on Broadway. Here’s the album on Spotify, and you can find a YouTube video of the song below.


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