Tolkien Collection Haul: January-March 2015

At the beginning of this year I decided to do Tolkien haul posts every three months and the first one was for October-December 2014. Well, it’s been about three months so it’s finally time for another haul post! I surprisingly have a lot of stuff to show you guys, I didn’t expect this. Here’s a photo of everything:

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 1

I’m going to start off with the non-book items. First up are these three calendars that my dad picked up at a store in our mall for about $3 each. The first one is the Official Tolkien Calendar for 2015 that features illustrations by Mary Fairburn, such a pretty calendar! The next is one for Lord of the Rings and the last is for The Battle of the Five Armies. I am really loving my birthday month (April) in these, for the Fairburn one it’s the same one featured on the cover, “The Journey Down the Anduin River”. For LOTR it’s Arwen, and BOTFA it’s Fili and Kili.

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 2 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 4Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 6

Next up are two journals, the first one shown I got from Barnes & Noble. It’s for Desolation of Smaug and says Mirkwood on the front and on the back it says, “You are entering the Realm of Thranduil. King and Guardian of Greenwood the Great. Pass peacefully through if you mean no ill, make no game, or face the wrath of the Silvan Elves.” The other is from Moleskine, and I looooove it.

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 8 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 11

I received two LOTR bookmarks from my friend, Lily Milos, and one features Gandalf and the other, Sauron. They bring back lots of good memories back when the films were in theaters. In the other photo are Funko Pops, Tauriel and Smaug. It felt like it took me forever to find a Smaug Funko that didn’t cost a ridiculous amount. I’d love to one day also get the gold one but it’s rather pricey haha.

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 12 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 13

I got a total of four shirts since January and I love all of them! The first two have designs by an artist named Cory Freeman and I’m kinda obsessed with them. He has also made other Tolkien themed designs. I got the Green Dragon shirt when it was available on Qwertee and the Bag End Brew one on Popuptee. They aren’t for sale now, but you should check back on those sites from time to time to see if they have anything that interest you! The other two were given to me by my friend Amanda. One has a super cool design made up of Orc weapons and the other one has the Hobbit logo for BOTFA.

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 14 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 17 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 16 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 15

The last of the non-book items are these two issues of Empire Magazine. It’s their “Farewell to Middle-earth” issue and there were five different covers to choose from, one for each army: Men, Dwarves, Orcs, Eagles and Elves. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the one with Bard or Gandalf and Bilbo the most so I got both…ha.

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 19

Time to talk about the books! First two I’ll be talking about are Tolkien’s World: A Guide to the Peoples and Places of Middle-earth by Gareth Hanrahan and Peter McKinstry and The Music of The Lord of the Rings Films by Doug Adams. My dad found Tolkien’s World in the bargain section at Barnes & Noble, and I bought myself the music book from Amazon.

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 20 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 21

The next four books I got while I did some Tolkien hunting in Manhattan, you can read about it here. I’m so thankful the copy of The Hobbit with illustrations by Michael Hague is covered in mylar because I recently spilled some water on it, haha. Also with the addition of those three Hobbit tie-in books, I’m one step closer to completing my film book section.

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 22 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 25 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 24 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 23

The next group of books were gifts from Lily because all of the used bookshops near her are super amazing and cheap, I wish I had her bookshops! The books include a one-volume copy of LOTR with artwork by Alan Lee on the cover and a copy of The Hobbit with cover artwork by Donato Giancola. She also sent me a beeeaaauuutiful boxed set of LOTR, they’re the “Special Silver Jubilee Editions”. I’m pretty sure the boxed set only cost like $8! The last too are paperbacks of TTT and ROTK, I’ll have to hunt down FOTR to complete the set.

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 26 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 29Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 27

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 33

The next four books I got myself, and the first one, The Tolkien Companion by J.E.A. Tyler, I found at a used bookshop in NYC and that copy of The Silmarillion (which I really looove!!) is from Strand Bookstore in NYC that I bought for about $3. The movie tie-in copy of The Hobbit I got at Barnes & Noble and the copy of TTT I got at a Goodwill for $1. Not bad, not bad!

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 30 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 31 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 28 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 32

And now the laaaaaast item for this post is this boxed set of LOTR which I talked about in a post last week. *siiiiigh* The books in this set are so pretty, aren’t they? ❤

Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 34 Tolkien Haul Jan-Mar 2015 35

Aaaaand that’s everything! Look out for another haul post at the end of June!


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