Tolkien and Friendship

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve actually written a post on this blog that didn’t involve musicals or my collection. My time has been taken up almost completely with school (and Netflix I mean what?) so I’ve been neglecting this blog. It took a while for me to decide on what to write about but since next week is Tolkien Reading Day, I figured I’d concentrate on that. This year the theme for TRD is “friendship” and I’m already getting emotional because at this very moment “The Breaking of the Fellowship” is playing on Pandora.

I’ve met some super fantastic people all thanks to Tolkien and his works. The films were a huge help but when it comes down to it, it’s all because of the Professor and I am eternally grateful. I didn’t begin to make Tolkien friends until about four years ago when I first joined Tumblr. There I somehow found people who liked The Lord of the Rings and this was a HUGE shock to me because I spent about 10 years of my life not having any friends who liked LOTR. I very quickly became close to all these people, and I still keep in touch with some. I have friends from all over the world, New Zealand, the UK, Brazil, all over the U.S., Canada, and a lot of other places. It’s so surreal. I’ve even met a lot of my friends from Tumblr in real life and I hope to meet more in the future! This all wouldn’t be possible without Tolkien.

Then in late 2012 I joined Middle-earth News which just increased my Tolkien love tenfold. All the ladies on the team have become like family and it’s something I sincerely hope will last a lifetime. From Tumblr and the News, I even started to make friends on other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. I love knowing there is a global community for Tolkien, I love that there are events such as Tolkien Reading Day, Tolkien Week, Hobbit Day, Feast Week, I love that our passion is so strong. It’s beautiful and incredibly inspiring. There are always annoying moments in fandumb fandom, but the good moments far outweigh the bad.

This year for Tolkien Reading Day I will think about the friendships in the stories I hold so close to my heart, and I will take time to appreciate the friendships that Tolkien has given me.


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  1. Lily March 20, 2015 / 6:50 pm

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