Musical Mondays: You Learn to Live Without

The If/Then musical is without a doubt one of the most emotional shows I have ever seen. I pretty much had to drag myself out of the theater when it was over. It leaves you with a good kind of hurt, does that make sense? Anyway, the musical stars Idina Menzel who we all know is amaaaazing. The song this week is “You Learn to Live Without” and it’s a nice relaxing song, but make sure you listen to the lyrics because that’s what gets you.

I think what makes this song so powerful for me is that it reminds me on Frodo. Does it make you think of Frodo too? (Not all of the lyrics relate to him, obviously,  but over all it gives me a sad Frodo feel.) That’s enough of me, go listen to the music now! If you are on Spotify you can find it there but there’s also always YouTube.


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