Social media and I.

Creating new accounts on different social media sites is a weakness of mine. Usually when I find a new website to join I get all excited and create an account which I never visit again. It’s a problem. I’ve listed all of the places you can find me on the interwebs on my contact page, and you can even find them on my blog by clicking on each of the icons.

Though I am the person who controls all of those accounts, not all of them have the exact same content, so let me go through all of them and tell you what you can expect from each.


If I know you and we’ve talked at least a few times, you are free to friend me since this isn’t much of a personal account. It’s more to interact with other Tolkien fans. I usually just post dumb statuses and share pretty photos from the Hobbiton movie set.


Okay I will admit that I am horrible at keeping up with my Google+ account. My posts will usually appear in random bursts. Either I don’t post anything in months or I post 500 million things at once. I also still don’t quite understand the Google+ system.


Ahhh, good ol’ Instagram. I’ve gotten quite obsessed with it last year, and when I got an iPhone I got even more into it. I’m no professional photographer but it’s nice to sometimes organize objects in a certain way and to play around with filters. I used to use a bunch of additional apps to color my photos but I’ve given up on that and just use the ones Instagram offers. My go-to filter is always “LO-FI”. ❤ I mostly just post photos of my Tolkien collection, but I’ll occasionally post photos of my cats or even a selfie.


Pinterest is another one that I unintentionally ignore most of the time. But what makes it different from Google+ is that I actually really like Pinterest. There is hardly any fandomy related stuff on my account, mostly it’s just a place where I can look at cool graphic design and artwork. It’s also a place where I can put what I find inspiring in one board. It’s a great tool I should take advantage of more.


Oh man, Tumblr. Tumblr is my number one social media site. It annoys me 99.9% of the time but I can’t escape. I’ve met some super cool people on that site and I’ve seen some SUPER COOL gifs and photosets. Tumblr is where I let myself be the most dumb and sometimes I laugh because I have over 14,500 followers there. I mainly just reblog and post Tolkien related stuff but sometimes you’ll see other things.


The last one I will talk about is Twitter. I’ve had an account for a long time but I believe I created my @MylaMalinalda one at the beginning of 2013 when I joined the Middle-earth News team. I do still have a secret account that I will not reveal the name of. 😎 Following me on Twitter means you will see lots of retweets about Broadway shows and Tolkien news. You’ll also have to put up with my annoying tweets. So there’s that.


There you go. A break down of what you will see if you choose to follow me on any of those sites. No pressure or anything. 😉


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