Going back to college.

I move back to my dorm in 8 days and classes start in 10 days. I know I’ll think differently once it starts, but I am pretty excited to go back. I’m finally getting into my major (did I mention finally) and I’m going to be taking four studio courses, three are general required ones like typography, but my fourth one is all about coding and algorithms. Things I don’t know much about but really want to know more about. I’m also taking a fifth class, but it’s a required writing intensive one, no biggie, the professor is pretty chill so it won’t be too bad.

I’m excited to see friends again and meet new people but at the same time not at all. First day of classes mean possible ice breaker activities, and whenever I meet new people most of the time they always want to know what I am. Last semester someone looked at me and just asked: “What are you? I mean because you look Asian but you don’t look Asian??” And then there’s questions like “Where are you from?” which I answer with “Connecticut.” But then they ask something along the lines of “No, I mean where are you really from?” Then I’m just there looking at them like:

Floating Heads

I have classes every day of the week, but no weekend classes WOOOO!! I say this because last semester I had a class on Sunday mornings from 8 am to 12 pm, it was horrible. I only have one class each day (besides Tuesdays), but they’re studio classes, so they’re about four hours long each. *sigh* I should also really look into getting a job… *sighs again*

Okay so since classes will be starting for me soon, I won’t be updating my blog as much as I’d like to. Who am I kidding though, I do a mediocre job of updating it even when I do have the time.


I’ll try to post at least once every two weeks or so. Also maybe I’ll show you guys any projects I work on in my classes!


One thought on “Going back to college.

  1. Alice August 18, 2014 / 6:39 pm

    Do it! I’ll be happy to see your projects! 🙂

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