Book Haul: August 10, 2014

Got home a little while ago and feel like I am covered in a thin layer of other people’s sweat. Ahhhh the joys of summer.

Picture 1297

I spent today in NYC, something I don’t exactly enjoy doing in the summer (it’s gross). I saw Violet the Musical and it turns out it was their final performance! That was pretty cool, I’ve never been to a final performance for a show before. I was excited to see this show because I heard a lot of great things about it, and also for Sutton Foster. She was amazing as usual! I saw her in Young Frankenstein and Shrek the Musical. I looooooved Violet, I’m going to need to get that soundtrack for my ipod ASAP. 😀

Picture 1276

Now onto the book haul portion of this post…

Picture 1296

I got a total of five books today! The first is the Coraline graphic novel that I got at a small used bookstore in Union Square. The second book in the photo is a book of stencil patters that I purchased at Kinokuniya, it was my first time going there and oh my god. That is a very dangerous place for my money. There are so many amazing art books and on the lower level stationary items EVERYWHERE. Pretty notebooks, colorful pens, cute Totoro plushies, and a bunch of cute little knickknacks. I managed to tear myself away from all that temptation and leave with only one book, it was pretty damn difficult. I wanted everything.

Picture 1281

The three Lord of the Rings books I got at Strand. Whenever I’m in Union Square I like to stop by Strand to browse their cheap books out front and their Tolkien section inside. I usually don’t find anything that I want to buy, and it happened again today. But then I remembered that they have a film section. The first thing that caught my eye was a book about the musical Rent and I was all set to leave with that but then I looked up a few shelves and what did I see? A small section filled with books for the LOTR films. I quickly grabbed the books I didn’t own and practically ran to the cashier.

Ahhh I’m so happy with them!! The Two Towers visual companion was the last one I needed since I already have the other two. And then the ART BOOK. I COMPLETELY FORGOT THOSE BOOKS EXISTED. Now I need the ones for FOTR and TTT, neeeeeed them! And I always knew in the back of my mind that the weapon one existed but I never thought much about it. And now it’s mine muahahahahahaha. I read a little from the books on my train ride back home and holy crap I have been missing out for so many years, those books are FANTASTIC.

Picture 1283

Picture 1285

Picture 1289


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