Sit by the firelight’s glow…

IT FINALLY HAPPENED. The Lord of the Rings musical will go on a world tour starting in 2015. It took me an embarrassingly long time to write this short article on Middle-earth News because my entire body was shaking from excitement! My hands still won’t stay still.

Back in 2007-2008 when the show first started coming about I remember going on the show’s website and staring in awe at the photos and videos. Eventually I begged my mom to bring me to London so I could watch it, she said no, of course. So since I couldn’t go I became very bitter and kept thinking things like, “Wow I bet it’s dumb anyway. You can’t fit LOTR in one musical. I’m glad I’m not seeing it. *grumble grumble*” After a while I forgot about the show.

One day over two years ago I was sitting around and thought, “Man, I love musicals. I love LOTR. You know what would be really great? A LOTR musical.” A few seconds later IT SMACKED ME IN THE FACE. I remembered that there is a LOTR musical. I quickly went to my computer and frantically searched for the show’s website and I found it! I listed to “Lothlorien” and words cannot even describe. That song is beautiful.

It felt like all of my dreams were crushed when I read that the show already closed in West End. My chances were ruined! But then I saw that they were going to do a worldwide tour the next year and that never happened. I ended up downloading the soundtrack that night from Amazon and wouldn’t stop listening to it for days. The songs are now all included in my 25 Most Played playlist on iTunes.

I tried desperately to find any videos I could of the show. There isn’t much out there, sadly, just a few. I’ve watched this video of the “Lothlorien” number countless times. *dreamy sigh* It’s so nice. And Legolas has dark hair! I have a special place in my heart for dark-haired Legolas.

I love Broadway. I love musicals. I’ve seen almost 100 shows. And now I may be able to see the LOTR musical??

I hope it comes to NYC. -intensely crosses fingers-
I’m going to spend the rest of the night on the musical site.

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