My Journey to Rivendell

Last week I decided to try and travel to Rivendell alone in LOTRO. I needed to get to the Hall of Fire to drink a couple wines for an Inn League Quest. I’m only level 31 so I was a little scared that I would die. I made the mistake of going at night and almost fainted when I saw trolls patrolling the roads. I immediately RAN away and peeked around a rock till the sun came up. As soon as it was clear I made a dash for the Ford of Bruinen. I freaked out a little I finally got there. It’s BEAUTIFUL. Well the Trollshaws in general is beautiful.

I cautiously made my way through the high moors, internally screaming whenever I saw something that could kill me with one move. Then when I finally made it on land I got on my horse and ran for my life, outrunning creatures that were 10+ levels higher than me. AND THEN I MADE IT. I MADE IT TO RIVENDELL. I MADE IT! And I didn’t die once!
Before going to the Hall of Fire I stopped by at a guest house to say hello to Gimli, Legolas, Boromir and Aragorn… and take many screenshots.
When I got to the Hall of Fire I chilled with Bilbo for a while because it’s Bilbo. Of course I had to. Also hey, Lindir.
Then it was time to see the rest of the Fellowship.
AND THEN it was time to say hi to Elrond.
I remembered where Glorfindel was so I made my way over to him afterwards.
I asked some friends if I missed anyone and they told me to go see Arwen. I didn’t even know I could see her! Took me a while to find her, I somehow got lost and ended up going towards the Misty Mountains. BUT THEN I FOUND HER. And she is BEAUTIFUL.
Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone. Man, I gotta hurry and level up so I can do some questing in the Trollshaws.

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