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I haven’t written a post in a while, and I never really know what to blog about. So I’m just going to talk about some random moments in my life when before I discovered the Tolkien community on the internet.

When FOTR was in theaters I somehow managed to convince my two best friends to watch it with me. I remember talking to them about how awesome this movie was and that they had to see it. And I think I remember it going fairly well, besides one part: when Bilbo wants the Ring back. You know. That scene.
We were a group of eight year old girls, so what did we do? Screamed at the top of our lungs. Oh man. Everyone else in the theater most likely wondered why someone would bring these little kids to the movie.

When I was in fifth or sixth grade I was watching TTT with some friends. These friends weren’t exactly the biggest LOTR fans but for some reason they agreed to watch it with me. We made it to the scenes with Rohan before they turned it off. Turns out I was softly humming all the music… the entire time and they couldn’t take it. How can you not sing the Rohan theme, though???

You know how in elementary schools, every kid is expected to get Valentines Day cards for everyone in the class? Well, in fifth grade one of my classmates gave Disney Princess cards to the girls and LOTR ones to the boys. I was the only girl to get a LOTR one and I remember thinking I was so cool. “Yeah. People know I love LOTR. Who needs princesses when you have hobbits?” I even stole one from one of the boys, but shh he didn’t know. (Sorry, Ryan)

That same year I took a photo of my collection and walked around to all my classmates bragging about it. None of them seemed to care… though I didn’t notice it at the time. I felt way too proud of the photograph to notice.
In middle school, a friend of mine came over my house to hang out. And as we were walking to my room I turned to her and said something like “Okay, just so you know. I like Lord of the Rings…. I mean, I really like Lord of the Rings. So I just want to warn you that I have, um, a lot of LOTR stuff.” When she walked into my room and saw everything all she said was “wow,” and then she never came over my house again. I think I creeped her out.
It was HARD to be a fan of LOTR and not be able to talk about it to  a n y o n e. So my first year of college I decided to get a Tumblr account because all of my friends had one. They followed my blog not knowing what was in store. Tumblr was the first place on the internet I was able to connect with fans all around the word who also loved Tolkien. My friends all started to slowly unfollow me one by one. “Myla, I knew you liked Lord of the Rings. But I didn’t know you liked it that much.” I remember laughing, because they SERIOUSLY had no idea. If ever brought up LOTR around my friends all I would hear are comments like:
  • “Those movies are so looooong.”
  • “Aren’t those books like really boring?”
  • “Why do you like that?”
  • “I haven’t watched any of the movies. I don’t want to see them.”
  • etc.
When I joined tumblr I kind of let my love for LOTR explode. Since then I’ve connected with so many other fans, made some of my best friends, and had the chance to meet some them!
So thank you, internet! It took a while but I no longer feel alone.

One thought on “[Insert clever title here]

  1. Alice September 7, 2013 / 11:51 am

    I joined Tumblr last january, when every single Ringer of the world did it. So, unfortunately, I didn't lived your experience in the fandom. But I love reading about your Middle-earth/Tolkien experiences!

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